If dongs can kill they probably will

Former Toto keyboardist Richard Henry Patterson caught a murder charge – so now he is for the fight of his life.

What’s refreshing is that Patterson’s big money counsel has decided to pursue a “the truth shall set you free” defense.


Exhibit “A” was Toto’s first junket photo, back in ’78…


Being that Toto was a family band their tour manager insisted the Patterson tone it the fuck down on the next junket photo a year later.


Toto fans and critics alike pray that Richard’s trouser schnauzer has wrapped up its final tour of destruction.

11 thoughts on “If dongs can kill they probably will

  1. Ironically, the original keyboard player for Journey had a schlongus enormous as well. Don’t ask me how I know (Norfolk’s Uncle told me). Check out the inside cover of the Captured album…

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