Par for Paige

LPGA great, Paige Spiranac, is widely and rightly known for cashing in on her good looks.


In top form, everybody admires her and appreciates her generosity on social media.


But with fame and fortune comes the old industry axiom:

When you take more selfies than dumps it’s only a matter of time.


She really nailed that one, Gary.

Paige swings like a girl.


More importantly, her ass checks out.


It all reminds of that time I went to the Dinah Shore Classic and spotted Dinah Shore and followed her around for 3 days.


Boy was I mistaken. Not only was she not Dinah Shore, but it turns out I wasn’t even at the Dinah Shore Classic. #BannedFromBonnaroo

15 thoughts on “Par for Paige

  1. I’d need like 4 mulligans in a row before got anywhere near that ass. Oh, and screw you admin for that Shrillary tweet. I need a shower now with that mental image

  2. No wins, can’t make a cut. Yeah, that picture was released by “accident.” At least she was smart enough to do it now when she can get some mileage out of it as opposed to when she’s 35 and forgotten about.

  3. Wonder if anyone has ever yelled “four” before unleashing a load on her? She would probably get a kick out of that

  4. She might be the new hottest woman of all time. That hacked selfie is ridiculous. Those perfect firm tits. The perfect, toned stomach. The great curves and proportion. Those beautiful, long luscious legs. The exquisite snatch….

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