THAT … was CNN

Developing: TDT may lend CNN its press credentials in exchange for a new van.

16 thoughts on “THAT … was CNN

  1. Here’s a big, giant cup of “Fuck You” with a side order of STFU.
    The next four years are going to be a Hunter S. Thompson inspired experience for these pricks in the DC Press Corps.
    Well done, Mr. Trump

  2. Anyone notice that the very organizations that try to scare everyone about the dangers of “fake news” – have no problem pushing the fakest fucking stories?

    1. Too chickenshit you say? Mr. Trump (the future President, to you asshole) was being attacked every day since he started the presidential race. As of being pussy? Spread your legs and see if you can find one. Deep down, hoping to find a virgin.

      1. Yeah, too chickenshit. That’s right. I would respect the guy if he could take it & answer a question. You know, like “do you know what Putin’s dick tastes like?”

        He’s not in a position to answer only to his cheerleaders & enablers. Be a real New Yorker, man up and face all comers. Say “no, I don’t know what Putin’s dick tastes like but your wife sure knows what MY DICK tastes like, next question”. That’s a leader.

    2. Normally, this area is a restricted zone for libtarded imbeciles like yourself. You can go identify as an average cocksucker somewhere else or perhaps enjoy your daily anal-reaming in your nearest safe zone. Treasonous twat.

  3. I hope Donald takes a flame thrower to the media and Washington waste.

    On another note, I think his daughter will be the first women president if she runs as a Republican.

  4. I take pleasure in the fact that Hillary Clinton wants to kill herself every waking minute of the day while Bill assaults HS tail.

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