Fill or Kill: Mysterious vixen

She saunters in unannounced, like a beautiful black cloud. Could be trouble.


• We don’t know her name.
• We have reason to be fearful.
• We’ve been burned before.

And yet there is something captivating about her…


… although she’s clearly a psycho.


But our hearts are as open as our minds.


Plus her ass checks out.


Hopefully she’ll bring a friend to Bonaroo.


We’re all fokked if we can’t get a name on her.

12 thoughts on “Fill or Kill: Mysterious vixen

  1. Fill…after she pulls the trigger (looks like a walther 9mm). Yes, a bit sick on my part that eliminates the psycho part of her. Wouldn’t need to bag it either.

  2. Agent Ivana Fukalot of the former East German Stasi.
    Currently dispatched to Greece to extricate Gold Finger from the bowels of Lesbos.

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