Fill or Kill: The nerd

Sometimes the bullies throw out the baby with the bathwater.


15 thoughts on “Fill or Kill: The nerd

  1. The Nerd is the first naked selfie I’ve ever seen where the room wasn’t a Section 8 disaster. Fill just for her exceptional housekeeping skills….and the class A yabboes.

  2. Dont know her name, but I think this broad is one of the biggest up-and-coming whores, errrr adult entertainers. Would fill, triple bagged.

  3. I would love to heave my viscid, whitish fluid which I produce in my reproductive organs, containing spermatozoa all over her glasses

  4. SoCalMenace nailed this one! Identification I mean…..well, maybe her too!!

    She’s a pro! Been filled, refilled, and drilled.

  5. Mia Khalifa is quickly becoming the #1 adult star in the world.

    Big Florida State fan…gave her a ride in my Trans Am!!!

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