Online reputation matters

I’m helping a guy whose name is caught up in the Ashley Madison hack. We were put in touch because I’ve helped some people with arrest records and financial sanction records (ie, bad press) that show up when googling their names.

Whys and wherefores really don’t matter. Bottom line is that it’s professionally it’s very damaging to be publicly associated with this – and if your name is on record it will be.


I downloaded all the data and it’s a big whopping, comprehensive mess.

• I STRONGLY advise against doing searches on links to database searches found online, ( ie. trustify, , etc.). It’s a field day for data miners.

• Assume that if you even filled out a form w/ AshMad, then your name/info is there. Even TDT is in there.

• If you were working somewhere else and want me to search through my database (and thus avoid the data miners), I will. And that ends with me, as I am not in the habit or business of sharing info with anyone, let alone spammers or Russians. Email:

• Whether we’re talking AshMad or an unseemly gaffe that made the local papers the worst decision you can make is no decision. “Let’s just see how it goes” – means you’ll be letting a negative link gather trust and legitimacy with Google’s search algorithms (like setting cement) without counteracting the future damage. Acting swiftly can put the the “ounce of prevention” law into effect here – even though with something specific like AshMad, it’s already “reactive” rep management.

If your name isn’t wholly generic like “Bob Smith” and your name gets ensnared with a data dump like AshMad, you’re eventually fucked by association when it comes to Google.

Assume 95% of Google searches won’t look click to page 2 for results, and 99.9% of searches won’t go to page 3. Standard ORM clears through p.3 and often right through all 10 pages.

I say any businesses and individuals should take basic steps in the absence of any prior or existing scandal – because that “proactive” rep management will make damage control a snap later.

Anyway, I’m here to help – expertise is just experience applying best ORM practices to individual cases. If you have questions or anything just email me at

Back to shenanigans…

3 thoughts on “Online reputation matters

  1. ASK THE DANZA TAP: Dear Admin, my actual, personal name is the exact same as a significant regional figure in the Christian Coalition. How worried should I be that my sexually-frustrated doppelganger entered my exact name into that sausage-party site and people will confuse us? Indeed, how worried should any of us be? Serious question.

  2. Appreciate this post admin. While not identified with this hack, I figure it’s only a matter of time. I may refer other colleagues to you regarding other Google hitjobs

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