Chopping up lines of Meat this Friday

Whilst tying on last week’s feedbag you learned in advance of CK’s misdeeds … next up, Leto & Travolta. Have to believe it’s a waste of time trying to tear down Travolta, though. It’s tough to embarrass a guy who digs massaging his man massagers.

Yes we have Tacos.


Swoppy Joe

Game Hen

Filet Mignon


Spicy Tuna Roll

Cookies and Pie

Bon appetite los animales!

This Friday make it Meat

Next up on the Hollywood hitlist: Louis CK (likes chicks?), Jared Leto (likes 13/14 year old girls), Travolta (mile bi-high club).

I wonder what it’s like not needing a van.

Hors d’oeuvre

Meat and Potatoes


Leg of Lamb



After Party

Bon appetite los animales!

Monster Meat on Friday

This site is haunted. Don’t be scared. We’ll split up into groups, tie on our feedbags, and meet back at the van by sundown.

Peek Freans

Steak Tips


Meat Crêpe


London Broil


Romanian Steak

Witches Brew

Bon appetite los animales!