Meet the new vag, not same as the old vag

True story:


The details in the accompanying artcile grossed me out, couldn’t even get to the part where the boner garage trashes the Bugatti…

A British woman who underwent surgery to improve her sex life ended up with none – after her vagina mutilated her partner’s penis.

Bet she misses her old catcher’s mitt.

Funny enough when men want a new vagina the process can be quite pleasant.


Short bus sperm bandits strike again

This happened to me repeatedly in my youth, except there was no drugs or sex or kidnapping. Just rides on a short bus every day to a place where they would yell at me for eating Play-Doh.

A teacher was kidnapped, drugged and gang-raped by four female ‘sperm bandits.’


They left him naked with bruised genitals next to a bush after giving him a lift in a mini-bus.

Come to think of it, I think some chicks used to kick me in the nads too.