In search of: Christina Model

It was 2006. The internet was young and so was Christina Model. With a love and talent for dance, Christina bullyflopped her way into the public consciousness.

While all admired her rhythms, many gentlemen also found her attractive.

Dance fans formed a general consensus that her ass checked out.

While at the peak of her success Christina Model teamed with Missy to create a bully awareness campaign.

A celebrated contributor to TDT penned a moving tribute to Missy’s ass titled How Hath Hunger Speaketh that, sadly, has been lost to the misty shrouds of time. Enya’s Sail Away, however, stays with us.

Then suddenly in October 2007 a watershed moment: tired of being called a tease, Christina Model went topless in a much ballyhooed underwater shoot.

There would be no holding back now.

Rumors flew in 2011 that she was running off with a notorious sea captain.

Christina Model? Christina Lucci? Christina Hopkins? Deb Gooden?

A dedicated TDT research team found out additional info.

TDT regards the Christina Model legend as being more than folklore. We do not explain reported sightings as hoaxes or wishful thinking – she’s out there somewhere…

admin asks

Why didn’t anyone tell me yesterday was Tuesday and not Wednesday?

Seriously. Culo Martes?

Well, it’s my fault for staying in Hedo too long. Time don’t exist here.

Group fun.

Ebony and ivory…


Miss TDT 2017: Sandra Kubicka

22. Polish. Miami resident. Miss TDT 2017.

Ordinary women rarely land such accolades, but Sandra Kubicka is no ordinary woman.


She is, in fact, a vision.


Two days a month!

Some guy, somewhere is DEFINITELY not tired of her shit!

Sandra has style…


… and as it happens, her ass checks out.


Sandra is perpetually hungered.


For this we are thankful.


Congratulations, Sandra, and good luck ducking all the 4-alarm sauseetch that will come screaming your way now that you’re an award winning Miss TDT.

When Meat Festival falls on a Friday

[Scene: Two gringos on the outskirts of the Pampas…]

Not much room for a pool is there?
We own all the land. We have already made arrangements for relocating the cemetery.
You’re kidding. I mean, that’s sacrilegious, isn’t it?
Don’t worry about it. After all, it’s not ancient tribal burial ground. It’s just… people. We have done it before.”
Well, this village elder keeps talking of a meat ghost that’s gonna-
Silence, you fool!

Robust A&T Sampler

Beef & Roughage

Deep Sea Sandwich



New York Strip



Apple Pie

Bon appetite los animales!

RompHim. Now!

We can thank the start-up bros from music festivals for this season’s fashion craze: the romper has arrived – and not a moment too soon.

Fashion first.
Glorious melding.
Casual option.
Structured shorts.
Pink chambray.
Splatter-print cotton.
Public yearning.
Welcome men.


Urination purposes.