Groundhog’s Day 2017

‘Vinny what happened?’

‘We had a problem. Shabazz is gone and that’s that.’


There was nothing we could do about it.

Q was a made man and Shabazz wasn’t. We had to sit still and take it.

It was among the Italians. It was real greaseball shit.

At least they did not shoot Shabazz in the face, that way his mother could give him an open-coffin at the funeral.

RIP Q: Losing a world star

Let us take a final and respectful report for Q, the founder of WorldStar who died last week on a San Diego frip table.

True American negus

True American negus

Q helped bring McDonald’s riot culture to life for everyone.

Q left a giant international footprint – when scraps break out in the ghetto (and elsewhere) people shout “WorldStar” … that’s making a difference.

Q’s legacy lives on in this scrap that spilled out of a Philly nightspot.

Q would have loved that.

Take a report big fella, you left a bigger mess in that San Diego hole in the wall than anyone was bargaining for.

Chicago beat: Time for a Purple Drank Summit

Let CNN mansplain it for you: though legally adults these Black Lives Matter activists are essentially just kids and therefore really too young and innocent to hate, despite screaming ‘fuck white people’, the beatings and stabbings, and various tortures, etc.

That Chicago Police Department commander further lamented about these kids, I mean young adults … and in his defense – when you close your eyes and turn the volume down on the Facebook Live video, it’s kind of difficult to deduce that any sort of real crime is going down there.

And since they’re voters that hate Trump and his supporters, well …



Some good news: Macy’s is taking it up the ass for talking shit about The Donald.